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Who is Gentlemen?

Posted by kathavarta on June 19, 2008

Harsha, Navin and Niranjan were close friends. They never met each other either personally or through communication since a long time of 15 years. During this very long period, they had undergone lot of happy and sad situations. Accidentally, Navin met his friend Harsha in his residence. Both were extremely happy to see each other. They were very much eager to know their past experiences of 15 years.

Harsha wanted to narrate his story first.

Harsha after completion of post-graduation in Philosophy joined a college as a lecturer. He was married in the same year. His family members were wife, parents and a younger sister. He was happy and leading a peaceful life with the family for about two years. Thereafter, unfortunate developments happened due to the misunderstanding between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for silly reasons like using double meaning words at the time of conversations. Both were not keeping cordial relationship. The cause of such strained relationship was due to the behaviour of both. To get the work done, one must have patience. Mother-in-law used to tease her daughter-in-law for the domestic work such as cooking, washing of clothes etc. Harsha’s wife never keeps quite and gave befitting reply. Harsha tried his level best to set right the relationship and failed in his efforts. His father also warned him to take appropriate steps to stop the unwanted developments. Harsha could not tolerate, when his wife was weeping in front of all the family members. He decided to leave the house with his wife leaving his aged parents and younger sister. He even disregarded the future of parents and marriage to younger sister.

Navin’s tale was something different.

He was graduate and could not continue studies due to poor economic condition. His efforts to secure a job were resulted in vain. Navin was unemployed for about two years. He was desperate for this situation. Fortunately, on one day, an old man happens to be a distant relative and close friend of his father came to his house with a proposal to provide a job in his book store. Navin was happy to accept the offer. He went along with the old man and joined the duty. Initially, he was sincere and honest. The old man was very much pleased with his good behaviour. He gained full confidence of the old man. Due to Navin’s efforts and excellent skill in marketing, the profits were increasing every year. After about three years, the old man became sick unable to move from the bed. As such, the old man had no alternative except to believe on Navin on everything. Navin thought to grab entire property of the old man by unfair means. He prepared a will in his name with the help of an advocate and managed to get the signature of the old man. After the demise of the old man, Navin took the possession of the entire property earned by illegal means.

Harsha and Navin were of the opinion that they did an adventurous task and complementing each other for success in their efforts. It was about 12 p.m. a telephone call received from Dr. Niranjan another close friend expressed his desire to meet Harsha next day at 10 a.m. in his residence. He also told to contact Navin and ask him to be present at the same time.

Next day all the three friends met and embraced each other to exhibit the magnitude of their close friendship. Harsha and Navin told their respective stories to Niranjan.

Niranjan was eager to narrate his story.

Niranjan did his MBBS and MD and joined as a Medical Officer in a Government Hospital. He was married to a colleague doctor. Husband and wife were leading happy life. Both got transfer to a district hospital. One day Niranjan had to treat a VIP patient with utmost care. He took special care for the patient. The patient was cured completely. That night was a memorable for Niranjan. He was discussing about the patient with another Dr. Anupama a lady doctor, who was also responsible for curing the VIP patient. Suddenly, Dr. Niranjan got giddiness and fell down. Dr. Anupama without wasting time treated him with the help of sisters on duty. Niranjan regained his consciousness and conveyed thanks to Dr. Anupama. This incident had made both to develop intimacy. Their friendship was turned into love. Their intimacy developed to the extent of marriage The lady doctor was fully aware that he was married to another lady doctor Dr. Lalita. Dr. Niranjan had a wish of becoming a rich person. He got the information about Dr. Anupama a wealthy widow. He managed to get the divorce from Dr. Lalita and married to Dr. Anupama.

Dr. Niranjan was equally proud of his adventure.
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3 Responses to “Who is Gentlemen?”

  1. arun said

    three friends are fraud

  2. arun said

    the name of the story should be The three frauds

  3. Vishal Patel said

    No one

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