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EGO, the deadliest enemy

Posted by kathavarta on January 4, 2009

As far as possible we should keep away or minimise our Ego and have full faith in Almighty, our God. Surrender all your good/bad, happy/unhappy deeds to him. Do not Doubt.

A story.

There were two very good childhood friends. When they grew big, one friend became a tapasvi(Saint) and would stay alone in mountain areas to do his prayers and tapasaya. The other friend became very rich like a King and would stay in his palatial house. The tapasvi would wear only a langoti and the rich friend was living a lavish life.

Once the rich friend desired to search for his friend who had opted to live a life of a Saint. He felt restless and would search for him every nook and corner. Finally he located his friend, went to meet him and felt very proud that his friend has achieved so much knowledge in short period. He has become a tapasvi. He went to his ashram and requested him to have lunch in his house. The tapasvi friend agreed to visit his house and have lunch with him.

The rich friend was very happy and made beautiful arrangement and decorations to receive his dear friend. He spread costly carpets so that his friend is not hurt.

When the sanyasi friend reached his rich friend’s house he was amused and surprised to see the beautiful arrangements made to greet him. When he reached at the main door, then a person at the gate told him “See, your friend has intentionally made this arrangement to make you feel low. He wants to prove you that how much he has attained in life and you are nothing. Hearing that the Saint got very angry and his EGO reached the peaks, he felt hurt. He thought that he was such a big Saint and my friend wants compare his riches with the knowledge I have gained. He went to a nearby nullah(dirty drainage), dirtied his feet in it and then went to his friend’s house. He spoilt the beautiful carpet with his dirty feet.

The rich friend when greeted his friend was surprised and angry to see all this and shouted at his servants to know who had spoilt his carpet. At this, the tapasvi friend said that “I have spoilt your carpet to show that I have gained more than you. You have achieved only money, but I have got spiritual knowledge, I am a Saint, a gyani, a tapasvi. His ego knew no bounds.

The rich friend was stunned and replied very politely and apologetically “ Oh, dear friend after sacrificing all worldly and materialistic things, being a Saint, a gyani, your EGO is still intact, it has not gone down. I used to respect you, honour you, used to feel jealous of your achievements, but now I feel very sad that there is no difference between you and me. I have an ego for money and you have an ego for sainthood, your gyan and tapasya. You have lost all that you have achieved.

Do not get carried by your Ego. You have gained money, knowledge and whatever is good in you through God’s blessings. That I is your deadliest enemy. If by chance, we meet with an accident, or any serious illness, all that we gain becomes meaningless. Just pray and thank God whatever he has bestowed upon us. Had not given you sound and healthy body, mind and soul, you could not achieve anything on this Earth. Do not feel jealous or get angry at what others have. Work hard and do your usual chores honestly. You will be paid back in abundance for all that good work you do.

Source: http://kutasthanandji.blogspot.com
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The Fishermen

Posted by kathavarta on November 29, 2008

Some Fishermen were out trawling their nets. Perceiving them to be very heavy, they danced about for joy and supposed that they had taken a large catch.

When they had dragged the nets to the shore they found but few fish: the nets were full of sand and stones, and the men were beyond measure cast downso much at the disappointment which had befallen them, but because they had formed such very different expectations.

One of their company, an old man, said, “Let us cease lamenting, my mates, for, as it seems to me, sorrow is always the twin sister of joy; and it was only to be looked for that we, who just now were over-rejoiced, should next have something to make us sad.”

Sorrow is always the twin sister of Joy.
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The Fisherman and the Little Fish

Posted by kathavarta on November 29, 2008

A Fisherman who lived on the produce of his nets, one day caught a single small Fish as the result of his day’s labor.

The Fish, panting convulsively, thus entreated for his life: “O Sir, what good can I be to you, and how little am I worth? I am not yet come to my full size. Pray spare my life, and put me back into the sea. I shall soon become a large fish fit for the tables of the rich, and then you can catch me again, and make a handsome profit of me.”

The Fisherman replied, “I should indeed be a very simple fellow if, for the chance of a greater uncertain profit, I were to forego my present certain gain.”

Do not under judge your success, by size.
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The Fisherman and his nets

Posted by kathavarta on November 21, 2008

A Fisherman, engaged in his calling, made a very successful cast and captured a great haul of fish.

He managed by a skillful handling of his net to retain all the large fish and to draw them to the shore; but he could not prevent the smaller fish from falling back through the meshes of the net into the sea.

Be careful for small things especially if you are working on big projects.
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Jack and the Beanstalk

Posted by kathavarta on November 14, 2008

Once upon a time there lived a poor widow. She had an only son called Jack.

One day there was nothing in the cottage. So, Jack’s mother sent him to the market to sell their only cow.

On his way back, the boy met a man who stopped him. “Is your cow for sale?” he asked.

“Yes,” answered Jack.

“I can give you five beans for her,” said the man.

Jack argued that it was too less for a cow. “But, they are not the ordinary beans, they are the magic beans,” said the man.

After a little thought, Jack took the beans for the cow.

Jack reached home and showed his mother the beans. She became so angry that she snatched the beans from Jack’s hand and threw them out of the window. She would not listen when Jack said that they were magic beans.

“There is no such thing as a magic beans!” she said and sent Jack to be without any supper.

She was very wrong! The beans sprouted in the night and grew and grew and GREW! The next morning there was an enormous beanstalk growing outside the window.

“I am going to see what is at the top,” said Jack and began to climb the beanstalk.

“Be careful!” his mother warned.

Jack climbed higher and higher. At last he reached a world above the clouds.

He knocked on the first door he came to. The wife of a giant opened it.

“Oh! Don’t you know where have you come?” she asked, “Anyway, come inside.”

Jack told her that he felt hungry and she gave him the breakfast. He had just finished it when he heard the sound of heavy footsteps.

A voice shouted: “FEE FO FUM! I smell the blood of an Englishman!”

“Quick, You must hide! That is my husband, the Giant. He eats boys like you for his breakfast. Quick! Hide in the oven!” cried his wife.

Jack certainly did not want to be eaten. So, he quickly hid in the oven.

There was no one in the room when the giant came in. But, he was sure that he could smell a boy. He could not find him though he searched everywhere. So he had to eat Porridge for his breakfast.

When his plate was empty, he ordered his hen to come.

Jack was peeping from the oven, so he saw what happened next. “Lay hen!” said the giant. At once, the hen laid a large golden egg.

“Mother would like to own a hen like that!” thought Jack. He waited till the giant fell fast asleep. Then he crept from his hiding place. He picked up the little hen and tucked it inside his shirt. Then he quickly ran from the castle without waking the giant and climbed down with the hen.

“Mother! Look what I have got!” he said to his mother as she came out of the cottage.

The next morning, Jack climbed the beanstalk again and reached to the giant’s castle.

Once again, the giant’s wife called him in for breakfast. “FEE FO FUM! I smell the blood of an Englishman!” roared the giant.

This time Jack hid in a drawer. Though the giant searched and searched but he could not find anyone. So, he had to eat porridge once more for breakfast. When the giant had finished his porridge, he called for his harp.

“Sing harp!” he ordered. At once the harp sang though the giant did not touch its string even once.

“Mother would like a harp which sings by itself!” Jack thought.

The giant fell asleep soon and Jack crept out from his hiding place. He stretched out his hand to pick up the harp, but as soon as he touched it, the harp cried loudly, “Master! Master! Wake up!”

Jack quickly pushed the harp into his shirt to muffle its voice, but it was too late.

The giant jumped up from his bed with a roar. “FEE FO FUM!” he cried. “I knew I could smell the blood of an Englishman!”

Jack dodged between the giant’s fingers and ran as fast as he could to the top of the beanstalk.

“FEE FO FUM!” the giant shouted and followed Jack.

Jack climbed down the beanstalk. He could feel it shaking dreadfully. He could also feel the giant’s breath blowing like a strong wind, as he shouted again, “FEE FO FUM!”

Jack’s mother was frightened to see the giant as she came out of the cottage.

“Quick, mother! Give me the axe!” Jack shouted to her. He jumped the last few feet to the ground and took the axe she gave him.

Then, with a mighty blow, he cut the beanstalk. It fell to the ground with a tremendous crash and made a hole so very deep that neither the giant nor the beanstalk were seen again.

Now Jack and his mother lived happily ever after. The hen laid golden eggs so that they became quite rich and were never poor again.

By: Shaloo9, for www.whereincity.com
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Lazy John

Posted by kathavarta on November 14, 2008

One day there is a boy named John, he is always called lazy John because when they see him he is just lying and sleeping with his mouth open at under the guava tree; what his neighbors know is the reason why John is lying on a bench wit his mouth open under the guava tree is beacuse he is waiting for the guava to fall in his mouth.

“Hmmp!! you are really lazy John! look! I know you can pick the guava and eat it, but you did not do that because you are lazy!”, Mr. Elmo said.

“No Mr. Elmo, The truth is I really prepare soe guava for you; here take a basket of guava”, John replied.

Oh! tank you, but I still don’t believe you…, Mr.Elmo said.

Then next that arrived is Mrs. Therese with her maiden daughter Janette.

“Look John, how can you live if you will not work!!”, Mrs. Therese said in her loud voice.

“No Mrs. Therese, how will I like your daughter Janette, if I will not be able to work so that we can live alone??”, John said. “Oh! I forgot! here is some salmon fish from my mini fishing area.”

“Oh!! is that true that you are giving me fishes?? How did you get this? wow! and it is big and healthy!!”, Mrs. Therese asked him.

Janette said, “Yes, mother that is the fishes John caught this morning; and it is true that John is not lazy”

Mrs.therese thinked, “If it is true, then why we don’t see you working??”

John explained, “Beacause I work at very early in the morning while the sun is not shining, because i feel comfortable if I will work very early.”

Now all of the people in the neighborhood realized that John is not really lazy, but he is very active with his work.

By: Isay Ambalada for www.whereincity.com
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