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About Us

KathaVarta.com is a non-profit Website.

‘KATHA’ means Religious Story. In Hinduism, when Gurus and Rishis preach infront of thier disciples (followers) or people, that preach is called ‘Katha’. There is one more meaning of Katha. When Hindu observe Fasting, they have to read Story of related Fast and Deities during that fasting (Vrat), that story is also called ‘Katha’. Usually these Stories are created by Saints (or Gurus or Rishis). 

‘VARTA’ means General Story. In Hindi langauage VARTA means discussion or talk as well. But we have used this Varta word as General Story. In Varta we have two type of Varta. One for Kids, means for future generation and other is for Adults.

KathaVarta.com believes ‘SHORT IS SWEET’ and that is why we are going to publish only Short Stories, with great essence of Moral.

Let us tell you that, we are not the author of the Katha and Varta, which is publish on to our website. KathaVarta.org is just acting as a compiler of our great collection of Katha & Varta.
So please go through our different subject pages and enjoy the Words of Wisdom. 

KathaVarta.com collecting material from Internet, Books, Scholars, Gurus and Experience.

Kids and People with positive (or negative!) minds are welcomed to/for KathaVarta.com. All the people, who want the better community, are welcomed in KathaVarta.com mission.

Last but not least, if you like our effort, please spread that to your friends and family. BUT if you do not like, please speak to us. We welcome, love and waiting for your comments and support.

Happy Reading!!

11 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Hey.. you’ve got a nice blog going on here.. Pretty motivational.. Keep up the good work.. :)

  2. Dear Sir,
    Kindly visit my web site http://rajathathacorner.awardspace.com
    This contains lots of stories for children written by me.Included are stories of Gods, Upanishads and Gita. Please make use of them if you wish to. I would be grateful, if you can give a link in your web site, Ramachander

  3. Meena Vathyam said

    Love the website…I was looking for something like this for my kids

  4. RAMANDEEP said

    You have a good collections of stories , please keep it up and include more stories for us.

  5. manayil said

    this is a good work. really enjoy it thanks

  6. shridhar said

    hi good work

    came across a similiar website, http://www.kidskhushi.com they have e-comics in flip-book mode

  7. stockresearch52 said

    Fantastic collection.Keep it up.You are doing very useful service to humanity by bringing forth the hidden treasures of life in simple and lucid style.

  8. archana rajan said

    Nice to realise u have very valuable stories for all ages to enjoy & learn something valuable.
    Keep giving us more of this specially to let our kids & adults leran know more values.

  9. Piyali Ganguly said

    Dear Friend,

    Everytime I click on a story to read, this is what comes up:

    “Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please login and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain.”

    Since I am new here, your guidance would be much appreciated.


  10. anoop said

    I think you have something called plagarism. Please do not misquote from scriptures esp. from the BIBLE.

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