KathaVarta.com: for Short and Moral stories


01:- Who is Vishnu Sharma? :~ India
02:- Who is Aesop? :~ Greece, Samos
03:- Who is Jean de La Fontaine? :~ France
04:- Who is Phaedrus? :~ Italy
05:- Who is Joel Chandler Harris? :~North America
06:- Who is Hans Christian Andersen? :~ Denmark
07:- Who are Grimm Brothers? :~ Germany
08:- Who is Joseph Jacobs? :~ Australia, UK
09:- Who is Charles Perrault? :~ France
10:- Who is David Almond? :~ UK
11:- Who is Edith Nesbit? :~ UK
12:- Who is Rohini Chowdhury? :~ UK, India
13:- What is Panchatantra? :~ India
14:- Who is Tenali Rama? :~ India
15:- What is Zen and Zen stories? :~ Japan
16:- Who is Michael Bond? :~ UK
17:- Who is Paddington Bear? :~ UK
18:- Who was Badarayana (the Compiler of the Brahma Sutra)? :~ India
19:- Who is Adi Shankaracharya? :~ India
20:- What is Ashtavakra Gita? :~ India


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