KathaVarta.com: for Short and Moral stories


01:- Who is Birbal?
02:- How Akbar met Birbal?
03:- Mahesh Das becomes Raja Birbal
04:- Birbal Shortens a Road
05:- Question for Question
06:- Who is the Donkey?
07:- Crooked neck of Camel
08:- Birbal goes to Heaven!?
09:- Birbal caught the Thief
10:- I am your Servant: 1
11:- I am your Servant: 2
12:- How many Crows in the Kingdom?
13:- Cover from Head to Toe
14:- Flowers for Akbar
15:- Akbar’s mustache and punishment
16:- Birbal identifies the Guest
17:- Four fingers difference
18:- Shorten the line
19:- Darkness
20:- A Little Lesser and a Little More
21:- Most beautiful Child
22:- One coin search
23:- The Mullaa Uses His Head
24:- Fast Horse
25:- The Noblest Beggar
26:- Feel intoxicated
27:- The loyal gardener
28:- Half sun and half shade
29:- Hot iron test
30:- Four fools
31:- Justice for Water
32:- Just one question
33:- Parrot died
34:- Neither here, nor there
35:- Hasty Reward
36:- Birbal helps an Astrologer
37:- Heavy burden
38:- Inside the Pot
39:- Pickled Clue
40:- The Dowry and Hunting
41:- Akbar’s Ring in the Well
42:- Dream of Teeth
43:- Birbal helps Bramin
44:- Birbal’s Khichadi
45:- The Poet Raidas
46:- The 3 Questions
47:- Fear is the Key
48:- The footmark of an Elephant
49:- Journey of Earth
50:- List of the blind
51:- The blind Saint
52:- Theif and the Donkey
53:- Birbal’s Paintiing
54:- The Musical Genius
55:- Real Tree Owner
56:- The True King
57:- Birbal, the Child
58:- Loyal Servant
59:- The Loyal Gardener
60:- Birbal Betrays Himself
61:- I am your Servant not Carrots


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  1. Want to detailed introductory course in creative writing-novel,short story,even plays and screenplays. Written before but not published and no formal training..

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