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Santoshi Mata (Shukrawar-Friday) Katha

Posted by kathavarta on June 17, 2008


Santoshi Mata Pooja is usually performed for a period of 16 Weeks on Friday.

You will be required to have a Santoshi Matt Photo, the Pooja book which contains the story and for prasad you will need roasted chana, jaggery and green banana.

“You are not supposed to eat or touch anything which is sour like Curd, Lemon Etc”

On a Friday morning have head bath and place the photo in a clean Pooja area and put a small Kalash. Place Santhoshimatha’s photo and decorate it with flowers. Keep channa (soaked in water for 6 hours in water) or puffed bengal gram along with jaggery piece and bananas as prasadam. Light diya before the Goddess. Chant the mantras and read the story and give aarti to the Goddess and have prasadam. You can do fasting the entire day or can have food only once in a day (may be supper or dinner). You are not supposed to eat anything sour on the day of the Pooja…

You need to do this for 16 weeks on Friday, and after you finish the 16 weeks you will be required to do Udyapan, i.e. you will be required to offer food to kids and remember not to feed them anything sour and not to give them any cash, as they might use the cash to buy something sour.

First gather the things required and then start the Pooja.

Things required for the Pooja:
::- 1 kalash
::- Betel leaves
::- Flowers
::- Dry whole channa and jaggery for prasad
::- Camphor for aarti
::- Agarbatti
::- Diyas
::- Turmeric
::- Kumkum
::- Photo of santoshima
::- Coconut for kalash (have to continue with the same coconut till you complete Pooja)
::- Wooden stool for placing the moorthi
::- Rice mixed with turmeric

Vidhi (Rituals):

Prayer to Santoshi mata’s father Ganesh, mother Riddhi Siddhi. Prayer to wealth, gold, silver, pearl, and other gems. Prayer to Ganapati to fulfill all our wishes. To have success in business, to remove poverty, destruction of evil. Let there be peace and happiness and light. Let there be a house full of children, profit in business and huge earnings, fulfillment of one’s desires destruction of evil, removal of sorrow and worry. The name of Santoshi mata gets all the work done smoothly. Say Jai [salutations] to Santoshi Mata.

During this katha one should hold jaggery [gur] and roasted gram [channa] in their hand. The listeners should keep saying “Santoshi Mata ki Jai” “Santoshi Mata ki Jai” “Santoshi Mata ki Jai” all the time. At the end of the story the jaggery and gram, which is held in their hand, should be collected and given to the mother cow to eat.

The jaggery and gram kept in the vessel should be distributed as prasad to one and all.
Before starting the narration of the story, fill water in the vessel [kalash], and on top of the kalash keep a small bowl filled with gram and jaggery. After the katha finishes that is after the aarti, the water in the vessel should be sprinkled in every corner of the house and the remaining water should be poured into the Tulsi [basil] plant. One should buy jaggery and gram worth Rs. 1.25np and do the fasting. There is no problem if one does it with only 25 paise. If there is jaggery in the house, take that, do not worry because the mother sees to the sentiments, more or less does not concern her. Therefore as per your capacity with devotion you can make the prasad and offer with love and do the fasting.

On the Udayapan [last day] you distribute 2-½ kg. Khaja [cashews], poori, kheer, gram curry, sweets. Light the lamp of ghee and keep saying “Santoshi Mata ki Jai” and break the coconut. On this day there should not be any sour item in the house. Do not eat any sour item yourself nor offer anyone. On this day, feed eight boys food. If the children are there in the immediate close family – elder or younger brother-in-law’s children, then do not call from outside. If there are fewer children from close family, you can call children from the Brahmins, relatives or neighbor’s children. Do not give them any sour item and as per one’s capacity give them gifts. Do not give money but give them any item. The person doing the fast after listening to the story should have the prasad and only one time meal. This way the Mother is very happy, and sorrow, poverty will be removed and wishes will be fulfilled.


There was an old woman, she had seven sons. Six of them were working hard and one was lazy and not working. The old woman would make food and feed the six sons, whatever remnants were there she would serve the seventh son. The younger son was innocent and was not aware of this.

One day he told his wife – “See, how much my mother loves me?” She said – “Why not, she gives you the remnants of everyone to eat.” He said, “What, how can such a thing be? Till the eyes see, I cannot believe what you say. The wife laughed and said, ” Will you believe once you see yourself?”

After a few days there was a festival in the house. Seven types of food and laddoo [sweet dish] were prepared. To check out the truth he made an excuse of headache and went to the kitchen and laid down covering his face with a thin cloth, through which he was watching everything. The six brothers came into the kitchen for food. He saw his mother had spread beautiful seats for them and served them the seven varieties of foods. She was serving them the food with love. He kept on watching. The six brothers ate their food and got up. The mother took from their plates the leftovers and from the pieces of the ladoo, made a ladoo out of it.

After clearing the leftovers, the mother called out to the son- ” Get up son, the six brothers have eaten and gone. You are left, get up. When will you eat?” He started saying, “Mother I do not wish to have food. I am going out of the country.” The mother said, “If you are planning to go tomorrow go today.” He said, “Yes, Yes. I am going today only.”

Saying this he left the house. While leaving the house he remembered his wife. She was in the cow stable making cakes of cow-dung. He went there and said, “I am going away to another country for some time. You stay in peace and do your duty.” She said, ” Go in peace do not worry about me. I will stay in the care of Lord Rama, Lord be with you. Give me something of yours to remember, in all your worries and work do not forget me.”

He said, ” I have nothing, only this ring. You take this and give me something of yours as a remembrance.” She said, ” What do I have? I have only this hand full of cow-dung.” Saying thus she put her hands filled with the cow-dung as a mark on his back. And he went away.

Thus walking and walking he reached a far land where he reached the shop of a merchant. Going there he said, ” Brother, keep me as your servant.” The merchant needed one so he asked him to stay. The boy asked him. “How much salary he would give?” The merchant replied, “You will be paid after I see how you work.”

He got the job from the merchant. He used to work from morning 7am to 2pm in the afternoon. In a few days, he managed the transactions, accounts, selling of the items to the customers and managed all the work. The merchant had seven to eight servants and they were all astonished. He was very intelligent. The businessman seeing his work made him his partner sharing 50% of the profits within 3 months. In 12 years he became a famous businessman and the owner left all the work on his shoulders and went out of the country.

Now what happened to the daughter-in-law, kindly listen?

The mother-in-law and father-in-law started troubling her a lot. The complete household burden was put on her and she was also sent to collect wood from the forest. During this time, the grain from which the rotis [chapathi] are made- the husk [bhoosa] was removed and the roti was made and kept for her and in the broken coconut shell water was kept. This way the days passed by.

One day, while when she was going to collect the wood on the way, she met many women who were doing the Santoshi Mata Vrat [fasting]. She stood there and heard the story, then she asked them, “Sisters, you are doing this fast for which God, and doing this fast-what fruit do you achieve? What are the rules to perform this fast? If you can explain to me the steps to perform the rituals of this fast I would be highly obliged to you.”

Then one of the women said to her, -“Listen, this is the vrat [fast] of Santoshi Mata. From this calamity, poverty is wiped out. Wealth comes in. All worries are removed. If there is happiness in the house, the mind is happy and peaceful. Barren woman begets a child. If the husband has gone out he will return immediately. Unmarried girls get their own choice of husbands. Court cases which are being on for long time would be resolved fast. If there are quarrels in the house, there will be peace and happiness, prosperity will be there in the house, money and land will be got, sickness would go away and thus whatever desire you have in the mind this Santoshi Mata’s blessings will fulfill them. There is no doubt about it.”

She then started asking, “How is this fast kept? Could you please explain to me? I would be very grateful to you.”

The woman began explaining- “Buy 1 ¼ Anna jaggery and grams (olden days we had Anna’s and 16 Anna’s made a rupee). If you desire you can buy for 5 ¼ Anna’s or 1 ¼ rupee as per your capacity you can buy, without any botheration as per your devotion and love you should buy. Right from 1 ¼ paise to 5 ¼ Anna’s upto your capacity of strength and devotion you can buy. Every Friday, keep a fast – do not eat food and listen or read this story. There should be no break, continuously follow the rules and keep the fast. If you do not get anyone to listen to the story, then light a lamp with ghee or keep the vessel with water in front of you and read the story but see that the rule is broken. Continue till the results happen following the rules and performing the fast. On the fulfillment of the desire do the Udyapan (final day).

Within 3 months the mother fulfills the desire – in between if one’s stars (astrological) is not favorable, then too the mother fulfills the desire. On the fulfillment of the desire only should the Udyapan be done, not in between. On the Udyapan day one should make 2 ½ kg grounded cashew, kheer and gram curry. You must feed 8 boys with this food. As far as possible let the boys be from the close- immediate family members that is elder/younger broth-in-law’s son, relatives and family. If they are not there, then you can get other relatives or from the neighbor’s son can be invited. Give them food and as per your capacity give them gifts and complete the rules of the rituals of the Mata. On that day no one should eat sour items in the house.

After hearing this old woman’s daughter-in-law went away. On the way she sold the wood she had collected and with that money she purchased jaggery and grams and prepared for the Mata’s vrat (fast). Walking along she saw a temple and she started inquiring “Whose temple is this?” Everyone started saying, “This is the temple of Santoshi Mata (Mother).” Hearing this is the temple of the Mata she went in and fell at the feet of the Mother.

She started praying very sadly. “Mother, I am an ignorant woman, I do not know the rules to perform this vrat. I am very unhappy. Hey Mother! Goddess of the world please remove my unhappiness, I have come to your shelter.”

Mother got compassion, one Friday passed and the next Friday somebody brought a letter from her husband and the third Friday she received the money sent by him. Seeing this, the elder brother-in-law and his wife made faces. In so many days so much money has come, what is so great? Boys started taunting her,”Money has started coming, now respect for Kaki (brother’s wife) will increase, brother!”

“Letter comes, money comes it is good for all of us.” Saying thus with eyes full of tears she went to the Santoshi Mata’s temple and at the feet of Mateshwari (Goddess Mother) she started crying. “Mother! When did I ask for money? What work do I have from money? I have only work with my husband. I have prayed to see my husband again and serve him.”

Then the Mother being pleased said, “Go daughter! Your husband will come.” Hearing this she became happy and returned home and started doing her work.

Now Mother Santoshi started thinking, ” I said this to the innocent woman. But from where will her husband come? He does not even remember her in his dreams! I will have to go to him to remind him.” In this way, Mataji went in the dreams of the old woman’s son and began saying.

“Wealthy man’s son, are you sleeping or awake?” He replies, “Mother I am neither sleeping nor awake. Kindly tell me what do you wish to instruct to me?” Mother started saying, ” Do you have a family – Yes or No?” He replied, “I have everyone, Mother! Mother-father, wife I have nothing less.” Mother said, “Innocent son! Your wife is taking lots of trouble, your father – mother is giving her plenty of trouble. You should inquire about her.”

He said, “Yes, Mataji, I know about it but how do I go back? This is another country, there is no limit of buying and selling transactions, there is no road for going which I can see.” Mother started saying, listen to me, “In the morning after having taken bath, take the name of Santoshi Mata, burn a lamp with ghee. Then go and sit in the shop. Slowly your liabilities will be over. Your stores will be sold. By evening heaps of wealth will be formed.”

Now he got up early and shared his dream with his friends. They all told him, “Do any dreams come true?” One old man said, ” Listen to me, instead of doubting the truth or falsehood of the dream, following what God has instructed what will you loose? Now listen to the old man. After bathing, pray to Santoshi Mata, light a lamp of ghee, and go and sit in the shop.”

In a short while what does he see, the borrowers started returning the money and the lenders started taking back their money? People started buying the stocks in cash only. By evening he had collected plenty of wealth. In his mind he continuously took the name of Mata and watched the miracle. Being happy he purchased jewelry, clothes and things to take to his house. Having completed the work here he immediately left for his hometown.

There the wife has gone to the forest to collect wood, on the return she rested at the Santoshi Mata Temple. This was her regular everyday place of halt to rest. Seeing the dust flying from far she asked Mataji, ” Oh Mataji, Why is this dust flying? ” Mother says to her, ” Oh daughter! Your husband is coming. Now make three bundles from the wood. One you keep on the bank of the river, one in the temple and the third keep on your head. Seeing the bundle of wood your husband will have desire and he will stop at the temple, make some snacks. And then go to the mother”. Then carrying the burden of wood remove it from your head and in the center of the lane cry out three times loudly, ” Take, mother-in-law! Take the bundle of wood, give me the roti of husk and in the coconut shell give me water! Today which guest has come? Listen to the Mother, daughter-in-law.”

The daughter-in-law said, “Ok, Yes Mother!” Then happily made three bundles from the wood. She kept one at the bank of the river, one in the temple of Mataji and at that time one traveler reached there. Seeing the dried wood the desire to rest and make some food came in his mind. After resting he went to the village. He met everyone with love.

At the same time the wife comes along with the bundle of wood. Keeping the heavy bundle of wood in the compound, she cried out loudly, “Take mother-in-law, take the bundle of wood, give me the husk roti, give me in the broken coconut shell water. Today who has come?”

Hearing this the mother-in-law to hide her trouble says, “Daughter-in-law! Why do you say thus?

Your Lord (husband) has come. Come in have sweet rice meal, wear clothes and jewelry!”
Meanwhile hearing the voice the husband comes out and seeing the ring gets astonished. He asks his mother, ” Mother, Who is this lady?” The mother says, “Son, she is your wife. Today 12 years have passed, from the time you left she roams about like an animal in the whole village. She does none of the household chores. Four times she comes and eats, seeing you she is asking for husk roti and water in the coconut shell.”

Being ashamed he said, ” It’s alright mother! I have seen her and seen you also. Now give me the keys of the other house so I can live there.” Then the mother said, “It’s alright son! As you wish.” Here is the bundle of keys, which she threw forcefully on the floor.

He picked the keys and went to the next house. Opening the room on the third floor he kept all the things. Within one day the house was decorated like a King’s palace.

Now what happens? The wife started enjoying happiness; meanwhile the next Friday comes. She told her husband, ” I want to do the Udyapan of Santoshi Mata Vrat.” Her husband said, ” Very good! Do it happily.”

Immediately she started preparing for the Udyapan. She went to invite the sons of her elder brother-in-laws for lunch. She accepted the invitation but the other middle sister-in-law teaches her son, ” See! All of you ask for sour item by which her Udyapan would not be completed.”

The boys came for the lunch; they ate stomachful helpings of Kheer. But remembering the words of the mother began saying, “Give us something sour, we do not like eating Kheer. Seeing it we are feeling uneasy.” The daughter-in-law started saying, ” No one will get any sour item. This is the prasad of Santoshi Mata.” The boys stood up and said, “Give money!” The innocent daughter-in-law knowing nothing gave them money. The boys at that moment stubbornly purchased imli (tamarind) and started eating.

Seeing this the Mother cursed the daughter-in-law. The soldiers of the King arrested her husband and took him away. The brothers and sister-in-law started falsely making statements, “Always looting, he has collected this wealth.” The soldiers of the King took him away. Now everything will be known once he gets beating in the jail. The wife could not bear to hear this statement. Crying she went to the temple of Mataji.

She began saying, ” Mother! What is this you did? Why did you make me cry?” Mother said, “Daughter, you have done the Udyapan and spoiled the Vrat. So soon you forgot all the talks.”

She started saying, “Mother I have not forgotten, nor committed any sin. The boys made me forget and forgetting I gave them money, forgive me Mother!” Mother said. ” Does one forget thus?” She said,”Mother please forgive me, I will do your Udyapan again.” Mother said, ” Now make no mistake”. She says, ” Now no mistake will be committed. Mother please tell me now how will he come.” Mother said, ” Go daughter, you will find your husband coming on the way.”

She went from there and on the way she found her husband. She asked him, “Where did you go?” Then he started saying, ” He had earned so much of wealth so the King wanted him to pay the taxes, he had gone to pay the taxes.” Being happy she said, “Good thing happened, let’s go home.”

They went home.

After few days once again Friday came, she said to her husband- “I want to once again do the Udyapan of Mataji.” The husband said, “Do it.”

She again went to invite the sons of her elder brother-in-laws. The sister-in-laws taunted her and started teaching the sons, ” You all in the beginning only ask for sour item.” The boys started saying, ” We do not like eating Kheer, we get uneasy, give us something sour to eat.” She said, “You will get no sour item, if you desire then eat only.” Then she got the Brahmin’s sons and started feeding them. As per her capacity in place of money she gave each one -one fruit. This pleased Santoshi Mata.

With the blessings of the Mother in the New Year she got a moon-like son. Taking her son everyday she went to the Mataji’s temple. Mother thought, “She is coming everyday, today why should I not go to her house and see her on this pretext.” Thus thinking, Mata made a fearful form. With jaggery and gram made a thin face and on top made horns and mosquitoes were hovering around. Putting her foot on the doorstep the mother-in-law shouted. “See, some wicked witch is coming. Boys drive her away, otherwise she may eat anyone.” The boys got frightened and started closing the windows.

The daughter-in-law saw through one peephole. Happily in a maddening voice she was screaming. ” Today my Mataji has come to my house.” Saying thus she moved her child whom she was feeding milk. Meanwhile the mother-in-law got angry.

She said, ” Prostitute, why are you getting excited?” She banged the child. Meanwhile with the aura of the Mother everywhere there were boys standing. She said, ” Mother, the fast which I am keeping this is the same Santoshi Ma”. Saying thus she opened all the doors and windows of the house. Everyone caught the feet of Mataji and prayed to her, “Hey Mata, [dear mother] we are fools, sinners, we do not know the rules of your fast, spoiling your fast we did very big mistake. Hey Jagatmata- Mother of the world! Forgive our mistake.” This way the Mother became happy.

How Mother rewarded the daughter-in-law in the same way reward everyone. Those who read the story their wishes are fulfilled.

Say Santoshi Mata ki Jai. [Salutations to Mother Santoshi]

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68 Responses to “Santoshi Mata (Shukrawar-Friday) Katha”

  1. Shalini said

    Is Udayapan supposed to be done on the 16th friday or the 17th friday i.e, After completing 16 weeks of fasting and prayer.

  2. kathavarta said

    Hello Shalini,

    Thank you very much for visiting KathaVarta.org.

    Udayapan is supposed to be done on the 16th friday, not on the 17th friday.

    Last but not least, please keep visiting our KathaVarta.org and recommand us to your friends and family.

    God bless you.


  3. uma said

    very informative. I have one question. I am observing the santoshi mata fast now. If some other fast also falls on the same day( like amavasya ) should we leave mata’s fast for that friday.

    • sunita said

      there is no problem to continue the fast. never stop the chain of these fasts. only take care of sour food on the same day and follow katha of mata’s vrat. both the vrats will be considered.

  4. jinal said

    i am doing santoshi matta fast if on one friday if i have period problem what to do i should not do that friday or i should do the fast.
    what to do pls reply i should live that day of friday or what?

    • sunita said

      don’t stop the chain of fridays. if u have a period on that day, then sit bit farther from the mata’s place and ask anyone else to say the story and distribute prasad. he/she whoever does katha for u, should take prasad only if he/she avoids sour eatble. that is the only precaution is to be taken. it is not necessary for he/she to follow fast.

  5. Latha said


    Is there any mantra to perform udyapan at home? There was quite a tantrum from the priests at the temple to do the udyapan when I requested them.

    Thanks and I appreciate your response.

    • sunita said

      udhyapan can be done at home easily and there are no mantras. only katha (story) and pooja is to be done. either call relative’s 8 children or any priest’s children. give them food having no sour item (lemon, curd, tomato, etc.) and a sourless fruit as an alm. those children are asked not to eat any sour containing item.

  6. anitha said

    hi, this friday onwards i am doing sathoshi mata vrat, i am staying in hostel so i cant keep kalash and other things. but i will do pooja, read the vrat katha will do fast and i will go temple.

    please tell me any other procedure.


    • sunita said

      if you cannot keep kalash, then a lota of any metal (steel, copper, brass, etc) will do. this water is to be sprinkled in our room/house and then poured to tulsi. this should be carried out compulsary as this is the main part of this vrat. the water in it keeps the house holy and free from bad effects. so this cannot be avoided.

  7. Ganapat said

    I want to have online free audio of all these stories.Is it possible?

  8. Bk said


    I am starting my fasting from this friday. I am new in this fasting. Could you please clarify few doubts. I would be really grateful.

    1. Do I need to read the Katha book morning and evening as well before I am having dinner ?

    2. What kind of food can I eat in the dinner. Am I allowed to use onions/garlic etc etc in the food. My understanding is only vegetarian food and no sour in the food.

    3. What all are the fruits I can eat like Banana, apple, kiwi, grapes, peach etc etc..

    4. In case I am not well or travelling on friday, do I need to start my Friday fasting counting again to complete 16 fridays or I can countinue even it gets skipped in between.

    5. Can I drink some milk or tea during the day or I am not allowed to eat or dring any thing till evening I take dinner ?

    Thank you very much in advance for the clarifiacations. !!!

    • sunita said

      i would like to clarify your points

      1. u should need to read katha book only once in the day before having any kind of food.

      2. if possible then try to avoid onions/garlic. and sour items in any means/cost should never to be taken.

      3. grapes, apple have some sour contents in it. fruits allowed are papaya, banana, chikoo, melon, water melon, etc. which has none of sour content in it.

      4. during the travelling time, avoid sour food and while travelling you can read katha book or memorize and say it.

      5. you can drink tea/milk on the day, but eating any kind of food is done only after reading katha book.

      • ankita said

        on the period if any one can read story for me then is it necceessary for her to avoid sour food for whole day and i live in hostel and there is no tulsi plant there is also problam of flower

  9. Bk said

    Sorry could you please reply the above query. I removed my subscription by mistake.

  10. Rads said


    I am new in this fasting too. But I can try clarifying some of your doubts.

    1. Do I need to read the Katha book morning and evening as well before I am having dinner ?

    I think morning when you perform the pooja u can read it but if you can u can read in evening too.

    2. What kind of food can I eat in the dinner. Am I allowed to use onions/garlic etc etc in the food. My understanding is only vegetarian food and no sour in the food.

    You can eat onion /garlic and any vegetarian food as long as its not sour. Personally i prefer fruits that r not sour like banana.

    3. What all are the fruits I can eat like Banana, apple, kiwi, grapes, peach etc etc..

    You can eat only banana from your above list as apple, kiwi, grapes, peach are all sour a li’l bit.

    4. In case I am not well or travelling on friday, do I need to start my Friday fasting counting again to complete 16 fridays or I can countinue even it gets skipped in between.

    I am not sure. But I personally fast even if I am fasting as I can take more water and bananas, if at all I fail I dont count that friday and count from the next friday I fast.

    5. Can I drink some milk or tea during the day or I am not allowed to eat or dring any thing till evening I take dinner ?

    yes you can drink milk/ tea/ coffee all day and eat some fruits(not sour though).

  11. ravneetkalra said

    sat siri akal
    i belong to sikh religion, i want to start up with santoshi mata vrat s’, thankfully this site was very much helpful in guiding me, but still i have few querries, like if someone having periods then wot to do. we have to skip the fst or continue, second during having one time meal can we have salt. i shall be thankful.

    • sunita said

      don’t stop the chain of fridays. if u have a period on that day, then sit bit farther from the mata’s place and ask anyone else to say the story and distribute prasad. he/she whoever does katha for u, should take prasad only if he/she avoids sour eatble. that is the only precaution is to be taken. it is not necessary for he/she to follow fast. salt can be taken in the food.

  12. nithya said

    iam new for this vrat can you please tell me that can we keep this vrat on the day for period or should skipp it on that day.

  13. sandeep said

    1A read teh story only once in a day during early morning hours evening not required
    2A No dinner at night eat only once on friday and that too rice and any curry without sour things no onions garlic masal only plain food with oil salt mirchi and vegetable
    3Aonly bananas
    4A please do not skip unless and utill it is very bad situation even if you are tarvelling stop in a forest also you can sit under a tree and continuew teh vart it should not be stooped in any case you need to close in 16 weeks
    5A No dinner in evenings only once have your lunch no tiffins also you can drink milk and tea

  14. BK said

    Thanks very much for your responses Rads.

  15. BK said

    Could some one please tell me when I am observing Santoshi mata vrat, is it necessary for every member of the house not to eat sour food. I have got young kid who goes to day care. It is very difficult to restrict Nursery food for him.

    Thanks in advance.

  16. shanthala said

    Hello BK

    Try not to give any sour food to your kid, means dont cook anything like tomato, or give him grapes from home. If he eats anything in day care its alright. I feel as long as we dont give sour food that should do.You can give him Chapati with sugar or upma, pongal….hope this helps

  17. Anandhi said

    pLS Help me.This is the first time i am doin a vrat.

    I am geting confused.which book wil we have to read on friday…Can anyone send me tat.

    I stay abroad so on the day of udyapan can i ask my mom do it in india to feed the boys .

  18. geeta said


    Am i allowed to eat chip such as banana chips and patatoe chips for this fast.

    thnak you

  19. Seema said

    Hi my name is Seema, I want to start Santoshi Mata Vrat from next week i.e July 3rd 2009 I have few questions if somebody answers to me I will be very greatful to him or her…

    It is compulsory to feed a COW or not as I live in U.S.A it will be impossible,

    What should I feed the kids during UDYAPAN as I may not find much kids here in U.S.A,

    What if I do not feed the Kids and Cow what happens ?

    If someone answers me directly to my e-mail at kashi2000@aol.com I will be very greatful for her.


    • Bk said

      Jai Santoshi Mata,

      Seema I am not sure if you misprint the date as 3rd July 2009 or we got the Mail late. I have completed my 16 weeks Santoshi maa Fasting and done Udyapan with her blessings.
      I live in London so It was difficult for me to feed to cow. I use to keep the chana and jaggery into a tree.
      I could arrange 8 kids on the day of udyapan but I read in few of the web-sites if you do not get kids to feed , you can ask some Pujari in Temple and pack food in 8 packets to handover to Pujari.
      Alternatively you can ask some one to do this in India on your behalf.

      I hope this helps

  20. H.L. said

    Heyyy!! I just started the Vrat today, and my best mate (she’s from India, and very familiar with all the religious rituals/sanskrit/etc) advised the following steps since I am in a part of UK that does not have everything available locally plus I am a university student too:

    1. Fill water in the kalash

    2. Get a copper plate and fill it with rice – fill half level with normal rice

    3. Paint kalash red color (since you don’t have kum kum for now) and turmeric – 16 lines total alternate color mouth to bottom..get kum kum from home by next week – preferable

    4. Put kalash on rice in the centre

    5. Fill half kalash with water – Put 1 or 2 coins inside the water – like a 1£ coin

    6. Get 5 different trees’ leaves – wash and wipe with towel – don’t get banana tree leaves though

    7. Put those leaves in the kalash in such a way that half inside water and half outside kalash

    8. Put coconut in the mouth of kalash

    9. Buy flowers – preferably yellow color

    10. Put a photo of Santoshi maa next to the plate

    11. Put 2 or 3 flowers on the coconut and the remaining on the rice

    12. Keep some flowers next to the photo as well

    13. Get jaggery or sugar (white crystals) in a small cup or bowl or container and put it in front of the kalash to offer for prasaad

    14. Put water in a small glass or cup along with prasaad of jaggery

    15. Leave it there and light a candle – do arti circles three times from right to left

    16. The just pray (‘’whatever i have done, pls accept it, and if i have done any mistake, pls accept it, me as a humble deciple of u coming for your blessings, if i have done anything wrong, pleae forgive me for it’s my first time, please grant me the wish of …’’ and read the whole story)

    17. Put your dinner to goddess first then eat

    18. Put remaining water and leaves and flowers at the stem of a tree or pour it anywhere on the ground outside your house where there is grass

    19. Make sure you serve the food to God before whatever you eat for meal (in the evening/late afternoon), and then take it as prasad

    The Udayapan can be done by you or your family abroad if they have better facilities :)
    As long as you pray with all your heart and have faith, everything works out perfectly :):)
    I’ve never felt so pleased in a while as I have after the first Friday being today.. :):):)

    • kathavarta said

      Dear Reader,
      Congrates for your Vrat and Faith. If you are in UK, then it is 99% possible that you can get every item for most of every Vrat, if you can come to Ealing Road, Wembley (area for Hindu Gujarati and Jain) in London. There are so many Indian shops who are providing religious stuff for hindu faith. There is another area like, Kingsbury (another area for Hindu Gujarati and Jain), Southall (area for Sikh faith) and Rayners lane (area for South Indians). I hope and wish you all the best for your vrat.
      Last but not least, Happy New 2010 year.

    • BK said

      Dear H.L.

      I wish you all the best for your vrat. I live in UK too. in fact I live in wembley where we get every thing you can get in India for your pooja. There are other places too in UK where you get most of the stuffs.

      I would say you can do your pooja with a good intention and Mataji will fulfill all your wishes. She expects love and devotion from all her devotees.
      Please let me know if I can help you in any way for your pooja.

      Jai Santoshi Maa,


      • H.L. said

        Thank you :) I hope it works out.. I just have a quick question..
        When I do the vrat, I usually only eat milk, banana, and cashew.. But I have had two hours time gaps between that.. Is that okay?
        I don’t eat anything else generally like methi stuff.. But I have had cashews in between times.. Is that okay or do I have to repeat my fasts? I have done 5-6 so Fridays so far!

        Please advise

      • nidi said

        i m doin also d steps like takin cashew banana milk nd gur chana whole day…hav u got ur ans plz share

  21. sunita said

    i am permorfing santoshi mata vrat since last 3 years. i will be glad to solve any kind of queries u have.

    • stuti said

      my child is small…I have to feed er food and she eats red curry mostly. should i stop fasting and praying as I have to feed her food. she is very selective to eat.

    • Sree said

      we have to use the same coconut for 16 friday’s it wont get spoiled mean time?? While doing this Vrat if we are travelling should we carry that kalash also along with us. I mean that coconut.

  22. Lavanya said

    Hello All, Nice to see that every query gets answered so quickly. I am performing santoshi mata vrat. I have two young kids. Is it possible for me to feed them with curd during the vrat?

  23. Meena said


    I had queries related to fast, I have been fasting for sometime now(close to 3 months). When ever i had periods I used to break the chain of fast. Also I have been using onion and garlic, After reading the above clarification, I hope to restart again from next week.
    I have one question, I have been using the same coconut for 3 months now, what should I do with that. Should I buy new and restart or can I continue with the same which I have been using so far.
    Thank u everyone. May god bless everyone with their desire. Jai santoshi maa.

  24. Pinky said


    Will what I wish for come true after keeping the 16 days fast? Will I get/achieve what I ask for?


  25. Julie said

    I am doing 16 friday santoshi vrat.
    Can I do this fasting even if I am travelling on Friday? Can I do this fast during periods? Udyapan is 16th or 17th Friday?

  26. Julie said

    Hi, I am doing 16 friday santoshi vrat.
    Can I do this fasting even if I am travelling on Friday? Can I do this fast during periods? Udyapan is to be held on the 16th or 17th Friday? I am in USA, can my mom do the udyapan in India?

  27. romeet barmeda said

    can you kindly direct me to any website from where i can download the katha in gujarati or hindi in text form please?

  28. Ritu said

    I am having a query that i am doing santoshi mata ji ‘s vrat from last couple of fridays.For a few days i am travelling from US to india my flight is on 21st April and I will reach india to 22nd .So my fast will start on friday in flight only, what i have to do in that case since i can’t take bath.What things i can eat if have to keep fast .It will be grateful for me if u can reply me .

    Thanks and Regards,

  29. atul asija said

    which fruits i can eat in santoshi mata fast

  30. m said

    hi i am doing this vrat…can i have oatmeal with milk in the morning? i am not eating anything except banana and tea during the day..and plain khichdi at night.

  31. Anushka Bajaj said

    I keep Santoshi mata fast regularly, I am a strict follower of mata. Please tell me in details which vegetables we can eat.I eat only plain yellow dal, patatoes, bhindi with chapati. Plese tell me which other vegetables can i eat.

    Reply Thankyou.

  32. rosie said

    i am going to start my santoshi mata friday vrats this friday, i know i can not touch or eat anything sour, however can i drink plain water throughout the day during the fast

  33. kiran said

    can we can read the mathaji book like that, we can eat food,in morning we can read the katha book, and full day we can eat the food.

  34. Pinky said

    Time answered my question of 29 January 2011 (Will what I wish for come true after keeping the 16 days fast? Will I get/achieve what I ask for?).

    My wish did not come true after keeping the fast and doing the udyapan. I’m hurt and sad.

    • Harsha said

      Hey..I would suggest to start Santoshi Mata fasting again for 16 fridays, and until unless your wish is fulfilled that perform udyapan..Don’t get disappointed and trust God..everything will be fine!!

  35. sridevi said

    I have been performing vratham and I fast during the day and have rotis in the night.I need clarification aboutmy family is that so the whole family should observe sour less food every friday?My son stays in a hostel.

  36. Madhu said

    Your faith is more important. I have been keeping this fast continuously for the past 15 years. I do not eat anything sour the whole day. I take some nuts and oatmeal during the day and some chappati and dal at night. Do the fast because you want to do it. Do not expect anything. Good things will happen. God does not get angry or God does not punish. These are rituals that are man made and it is for the general good for the mankind. Be good, do good and things will take care of themselves.

  37. Kavita said

    Hi, I have a doubt regarding Santoshi mata vrat. Please tell me can i continue during my periods or shall I skip that day. Please let me know…as iam not sure whether we can skip any friday in between. Thanks in advance.

  38. Thank you for every other magnificent article. The place else could anyone get that kind of info in such an ideal approach of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am at the search for such info.

  39. Santosh said

    Jai Santoshi Mata

  40. tia said

    helo miss….i am doing Santoshi mata puja.but i do have some queries ….pls reply dem
    1- Can i have food after 12 pm (Saturday)…as i have acidity. i need 2 eat every 3-4 hrs.
    2- Can 1 sleep if not feeling good in the lunch hours …?
    3- how are the fasting day timings applied….12am friday to 12 am Saturday or 6 am friday to 6 am Saturday.

  41. tia said

    helo miss….i am doing Santoshi mata puja.but i do have some queries ….pls reply dem
    1- Can i have food after 12 pm (Saturday)…as i have acidity. i need 2 eat every 3-4 hrs.
    2- Can 1 sleep if not feeling good in the lunch hours …?
    3- how are the fasting day timings applied….12am friday to 12 am Saturday or 6 am friday to 6 am Saturday.
    4- on the puja day what all indian dishes one can have…..??? i mean what all vegetables one can cook.
    5- can you continue the puja for another 16 weeks with out the udyapan beeing done…?

  42. neeta said

    I want to know that what if i buy some grapes or tomato on friday but do not consume them ……….. on friday …….. is that ok ……..

  43. Roopa said

    HI , I want to do santoshi mata vrata. i don’t know what food i should give to my kids who are 6yrs and 9yrs old?
    what to do in period time. can kids have curd?

  44. am keeping fast for santoshi mata. should i perform udyapan on the 16th week or after the 16th week?

  45. rohit sharma said

    hello guruji,
    i am sorry if u feel bad but i want to share
    My carrier has been ruined recently and i want to do santoshi mata vart. Well i am aditcted to non veg n wine but i hv made a thought to quit it for the perioud of fast.
    The main concern is am having a gf n we both indulge in sexual activities approx daily.
    I love her n so do she…we wl marry in 2014…we hv planned.
    So can i sleep with her…..i thought its not right but as much as i know her,she cant controll her desires for 6 months n i can loose her{i think}.

    I wouldnt sleep with a whore or any other flirt kind of relationship.
    Can i intercoarse with the one whom i love madly

    if it cant be done then may be i cant do santoshi mata vart cause i dont want to loose her.

    Kindly guide me but dont support be emotionally or practically.
    Say the truth plz

    i think i can hv sex with the girl whom i love n wl marry in future.

    if u think its not right than what to do??

    Kindly help….i want to do chalisa n vart but cant do cause of it.


  46. nidi said

    can v eat dry fruit like cashew nuts during day nd what about gud chana d whole day???

  47. nidi said

    can v eat jaggery chana during whole day?? reply plz

  48. nidi said

    i m so confused plz reply fr dat

  49. valluri said

    im a widow ..am i authorised to do this pooja

  50. rukmani iyer said

    Namaste. I have one doubt. Suppose i am observing this fast, i will ensure i do not eat or touch sour items/ food. ARe my family members also supposed to follow the same?
    one more question is on the day of Udayapan, if we call 8 boys for lunch or dinner, suppose these kids eat something sour after going to their respective home? Waht measures have to be taken to ensure my Vrat is followed properly?

  51. Anonymous said

    For dinner, after the fast, we are supposed to eat vegetarian food only. but can that include salt?

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