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The Fox and the Cat

Posted by kathavarta on December 7, 2008

A Fox was boasting to a Cat of its clever devices for escaping its enemies.

“I have a whole bag of tricks,” he said, “which contains a hundred ways of escaping my enemies.”

“I have only one,” said the Cat; “but I can generally manage with that.”

Just at that moment they heard the cry of a pack of hounds coming towards them, and the Cat immediately scampered up a tree and hid herself in the boughs.

“This is my plan,” said the Cat. “What are you going to do?”

The Fox thought first of one way, then of another, and while he was debating the hounds came nearer and nearer, and at last the Fox in his confusion was caught up by the hounds and soon killed by the huntsmen.

Miss Puss, who had been looking on, said:

“Better one safe way than a hundred on which you cannot reckon.”
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The Fisherman and the Little Fish

Posted by kathavarta on November 29, 2008

A Fisherman who lived on the produce of his nets, one day caught a single small Fish as the result of his day’s labor.

The Fish, panting convulsively, thus entreated for his life: “O Sir, what good can I be to you, and how little am I worth? I am not yet come to my full size. Pray spare my life, and put me back into the sea. I shall soon become a large fish fit for the tables of the rich, and then you can catch me again, and make a handsome profit of me.”

The Fisherman replied, “I should indeed be a very simple fellow if, for the chance of a greater uncertain profit, I were to forego my present certain gain.”

Do not under judge your success, by size.
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Surrender and Devotion to a Guru

Posted by kathavarta on November 10, 2008

Whereas the creation in general was created by God, so that its nature is to surrender to Him. In the same manner, we must surrender to a liberated Guru. Mankind has been endowed with moral choice and free will so that, having an innate awareness of God and capable of reason and understanding, each individual may choose good or evil.

The Guru usually does not act, he/she is mainly a reactor. Whenever you pray to him/her with faith, devotion and surrender, a spiritual connection is established with his/her Light and then you may receive. What you receive from your Guru will be in accordance with the faith, devotion and surrender that you have towards your spiritual master. If there is real faith, devotion and surrender to your Guru, he/she will always be spiritually near you in order to attend your prayers nourishing and purifying your soul.

It is very important to understand the relevance on having a total surrender of mental, physical and spiritual activity to a fully realized Guru, who is the veritable physical manifestation of God, because by doing this, we establish a strong spiritual connection with the Guru’s Light, in order to attain a prompt spiritual liberation.

According to Vedic law, surrender of the will is part of the first commandment of all. Surrender draws down the Guru’s grace. In Christian teaching, no good or perfect work can be done without resignation, or surrender of the individual will to the Will of God; while surrender is the actual meaning of the word Islam!

He/She who attains victory over the mind and the ego is the truly free man. It is to attain this victory, that man surrender to the higher evolved personality of the Guru. By this submission, he/she vanquishes his/her lower ego and realizes God’s Light.

Around 60 000 000 000 beings of a different nature abide in the astral planes. We are interconnected with them in one way or another. As a result of this, we face two tremendous problems. One of them is that thousands of millions of these souls, are of a very low nature and they can influence our thoughts, words and actions leading us astray.

Another problem is that some deities, such as Christian saints, angels and also devas -‘gods’ misconceived by the Hindu tradition as spiritual liberated souls-, have reached certain stages in spiritual evolution, though they have not attained full spiritual realization. All these deities are immersed in pleasure and tied to it. They are bound to their emotions, because they have not attained spiritual liberation. They can feel all sort of emotions, positive and negative, such as joy, anger, hatred, egoism, envy, etc. Therefore they might even cause the physical destruction of each spiritually evolving man in this human Universe, as he/she evolves approaching the deva stage, mainly due to envy and jealousy shown towards the increase of evolution in the evolving human. Devas, ‘gods,’ saints, angels or any kind of deity, don’t want to be overcome by any evolving soul in this Universe.

All the earlier spiritual masters -Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, etc. had suffered like this in the hands of evil forces and jealous spirits of their spiritual evolution.

So always keep in mind what is stated in the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying: “Devotion to the spiritual master -Guru- becomes the purest, quickest, and simplest way to realize the nature of our mind and all things.”

In other words, it is the fastest path towards liberation.

Source: www.santhigiri.com.
Visit www.eTirth.com for Gurus information.
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What was that for?

Posted by kathavarta on October 18, 2008

A dejected Communist Party candidate trudges home after the polls close.

“So, Marek, how many votes did you get?” asks his wife.

“Two,” he responds.

She slaps him hard across the face. “What was that for?”

“You have a mistress, now do you!!?”

By: Jagadeesh, for http://www.19.5degs.com
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No one needs

Posted by kathavarta on October 18, 2008

Little Boy: What will communism be like when perfected?

His Father: Everyone will have what he needs.

Little Boy: But what if there is a shortage of meat?

His Father: There will be a sign in the butcher shop saying, “No one needs meat today.”

By: Jagadeesh, for http://www.19.5degs.com
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The Business meeting

Posted by kathavarta on October 14, 2008

A business woman named Cindy was in the airport VIP lounge on her way to Los Angeles. While in the VIP lounge, she noticed Donald Trump sitting on the sofa enjoying a brandy. As luck would have it, Cindy was meeting with a very important client who was running somewhat late.

Being a bold business woman, Cindy decided to go ahead and approach Mr. Trump, and introduced herself. Much to her surprise Mr. Trump turned out to be very nice. Encouraged by this she explained to “the Donald” that she was about to close a very important business deal and that she would be very grateful if he could say a quick “hello Cindy” to her when she was with her client. Mr. Trump consented to do just that.

Ten minutes later while Cindy was speaking with her client, she felt a rap on her shoulder. It was Donald Trump. Cindy turned about and looked at him as Trump said.

“Hi Cindy, what’s going on?”

To which Cindy glibly replied, “Not now, Donald, can’t you see I’m in a meeting!”

From: http://www.onlyfunnystories.com
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