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Importance and Meaning of Japa Series: 7

Posted by kathavarta on June 8, 2011

Japa Meditation to Lower High Blood Pressure:

There are various kinds of Meditation techniques, Japa meditation being one of them. If you have visited ashrams and monasteries you might have heard the chanting early in the mornings or before spiritual sessions. Mantra chanting done in silence leads to what we call Japa meditation. Japa meditation is one of the most subtle and powerful of meditation techniques, and it is good to know that all meditation techniques end up being beneficial. Meditation work well than any drug or psychotherapy.

Japa is a Sanskrit word which means a meditative repetition of a chosen word.

Through meditation we can begin to contemplate or just start observing our body and mind and living in awareness, and we benefit from doing this. Bringing awareness back to our own body, to the cells of the body, to our thoughts and feelings is like a soothing balm which releases inbuilt tensions.

This act alone can lower high blood pressure.

Meditation is Food for the Soul:

We take good care of our outward appearance, eat foods which satisfy our taste buds and give lots of good comfort to our bodies. In the process we forget to take care of our soul. Just being aware of the body and mind, helps to take care of all the other levels that we are made up of: the energy level, the intellect, the emotions and the soul.


Japa is a Sanskrit word which means the repetition of a mantra and a Japa mala is like a rosary which helps beginners in the process. Advanced practitioners can also use a Japa mala. Japa meditation when linked with breathing, can affect our health positively and also the consciousness.

The repetitive verbal or mental sounds create waves and frequencies which target specific neurotransmitters in the brain. That in turn induces a variety of changes in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of the practitioner.

By turning within we make ourselves one with the cosmic energy, and create a state of peace, and reach a source of inner healing. This is how Meditation can heal the body and the mind. Meditation will help expand the awareness and make us feel a sense of oneness with the larger consciousness.

Japa Meditation as mentioned earlier is simply repeating a word or mantra while meditating. It helps to keep the mind from wandering a lot. It is one of the very effective ways of meditating. The sound vibration of words like Love, Peace, Joy and Gratitude can change the vibration of our energy levels. It can change the vibration of the cells in our body. Sick, weakened and low energy cells of the body can magically get transformed. It only has to be seen to be believed.

Can Meditation lower high blood pressure?

Yes it Can !!

Can Meditation turn back the clock?

Yes it can to a certain extent !!

Can Meditation heal us of our physical ailments?

Yes it can !!

Can Meditation reduce stress?

Yes it can !!

..and we could go on with the benefits of meditation.


No need of creams and facelifts! If you look around you might notice that people who meditate look much younger than their years. This is mainly because of knowing how to handle stress. Meditation is the best anti-aging medicine we have.

When the blood pressure is high, there is more stress created in the arteries. This leads to gradual damage and decline of the body cells. This damage can be reversed through the daily practice of Meditation.

Studies have shown that those who meditate for 5 years or more have reduced their biological age by up to 10 years !!

Meditation Tips for Beginners:

• Sit with the spine erect.
• Eyes closed.
• Relax the body.
• Relax the arms and shoulders.
• Let the hands rest on the knees with palms facing upwards.
• Let your face muscles relax.
• Relax the eyes.
• Be aware of the whole body.
• Breathe gently becoming aware of every inhalation and exhalation.
• Allow the breathing to slow down.
• Watch yourself breathing.

Every few minutes repeat any One of the following (at one sitting repeating only one of the words):

• Aum
• Peace
• Love
• Joy
• I am grateful

Observe the effect the repetition of these positive words can have on your whole being.

Continue for a few minutes.

It does require some amount of discipline in order to meditate, and the returns are HUGE.


Japa meditation is a good way to begin your meditation practice. The repetition of a soothing word or mantra makes it easier and thus it is a good way to start, for beginners.

The Alpha State:

During Meditation, the brainwaves move towards an alpha state which trigger chemicals called endorphins and produce the ‘feel good’ effect. These endorphins boost the immune system and promote enduring good health.

You will be seeing more meditation tips and techniques, keep visiting KathaVarta.com 

Source: http://www.healthy-blood-pressure-tips.com

Japa is my favourite method for meditate, as it takes me straight to my almighty, in a very simple and easy way. I am starting a Japa articles which was published on various good websites. I hope you may like my effort.

Last but very important, I and KathaVarta.com is very very grateful for all those websites who has published the meaning and importance of Japa meditation and I am able to recycle those great articles for this KathaVarta.org. I hope they will forgive me for the copy and Paste those articles for KathaVarta.com.

If you have any objection please do not hesitate to contact me on Katha@ymail.com, I will immediately remove the article from KathaVarta.com

May Lord Hari bless you.

HariAUM from Saurabh


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