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Lord Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Part: 107

Posted by kathavarta on May 9, 2011

Atmayonih svayamjato vaikhanah samagayanah
Devaki-nandanah srashtha kshitishah papanashanah ..106

985. Atmayonih: One who is the source of all; that is, there is no material cause other than Himself for the universe.

“One who is himself the ‘material cause’ (Upaadaana Kaarana) for himself;” the self born, the uncaused cause.

986. Svayam-jato: He is also the instrumental cause.

“One who, as the lord of the universe, has no other ‘Instrumental cause’ (Nimitta-Kaarana) in projecting Himself.”

Three cause are necessary in all ‘creation’ in the pluralistic world: the Material cause’ (mud), the “Instrumental cause’ (wheel), and the ‘Efficient cause’ (the pot maker). In Shree Narayana’s self-projection, as in the dream, that all these three causes are He, Himself, is shown in these term.

987. Vaikhanah: One who excavated the earth, taking a unique form.

“The one who dug through the earth” –cutting through the denseness of the gross to reach, apprehend and kill the subtle Hirnyaksha, the terrible and the monstrous who had tried to destroy the spiritual values in the world. The self has to reach us to destroy the ego in us and give us the ‘liberation’ from our evil adherence to the body-mind-intellect.

988. Samagayanah: One who recites the Sama chants.

“One who signs the Saama-songs.”

989. Devaki-nandanah: The Son of Devaki in the incarnation as Krishna.

“He who appeared as born to Devakee in his Incarnation as Krishna.” And since Devakee could only, from afar, see, watch and enjoy the pranks and play of her blessed child in Gokula, Krishna is called as the “Joy of Devakee” (Devakee-nandhana).

990. Srashtha: The creator of all the worlds.

“One who creates.” Even the Creator can perform his job only by drawing his abilities and capacities from the infinite self, Sree Narayana.

991. Kshitishah: A master of the world. Here it denotes Rama.

“One who is the lord of the earth.” Sree Narayana is the husband of mother Earth. He is her protector. Her nurtuer and nourisher. Her, earth may stand for all that is gross –the entire maayaa-and Narayana is the Lakshmee-Pati.

992. Papanashanah: He who destroys the sins of those who adore Him, meditate upon Him, remember and sing hymns of praise on Him.

Meditating upon whom, all vaasanaas (sins) are liquidated. When the individuals, surrendering in love to Him, acts and fulfils his duties, all his existing vaasanaas are destroyed and no new ones are created –this is the very root in the theory of karma Yoga in the Vedas. Through meditation upon the self, all sins are dissolved and totally removed.

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