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Lord Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Part: 105

Posted by kathavarta on May 7, 2011

Bhurbhuvah svastarus-tarah savita prapitamahah
Yagyo yagya-patir-yajva yagyango yagya-vahanah ..104

967. Bhur-bhuvah-svastarus: The three Vyahrutis Bhuh, Bhuvah, Svah are said to be the essence of the Veda.

“One who is snap in the tree-of-life existing in all the universe of the higher world, our-world and the lower world.” The famous Vedic terms bhooh Bhuvah and Svah connote the three worlds (lokas). The world ‘Loka’ in Sanskrit means “a field of experience.” Therefore, in fact, these three terms, called Vyaahritees, subjectively represents all our experiences in the walking, dream and deep-sleep states of consciousness. His constant Yajna to nurture and nourish the Universe. So, this epithet has been given to Sree Narayana, the infinite Self, the glorious Essence (Sap) that pervades the entire Tree-of-Life-flowering out to even embrace all experiences in all planes of Consciousness. Everywhere, in the everything at all times.

968. Tarah: One who helps Jivas to go across the ocean of Samsara.

“One who helps all to cross –over” –the Eternal Boat-man, to whom, if the devotees can surrender in unswerving faith and true devotion, he will surely row them across the “Ocean of samsara:” that one is Taarah. Through exclusive, devoted meditation, alert with understanding, the individuality in each of us wakes up to the higher plane – and there is Be-attitude to experience the Self, the eternal Brahman – Sree Hari.

969. Savita: He who generates all the worlds.

“He who is the father of All” –Who is the eternal father of the entire Universe.

970. Prapitamahah: One who is the father of Brahma and therefore the grandfather of all.

“He who is the father of even the ‘Father of all Beings,’ the creator, Brahmaaji, of the trinity.” The creator Himself rose from the Absolute self. Creator is known in our scriptural language as Pitaamaha –the Father.

971. Yagyo: One who is of the form of Yagya.

“One whose very nature is yajna.” The term yajna means “work undertaken with a pure spirit of total dedication in complete co-operative endeavor with total selflessness, there is Sree Narayana in action through His creatures.

972. Yagya-patir: One who is the protector and the master of the Yagyas.

“The lord of all yajnas.” I am the ‘Enjoyer’ in all self –dedicated, co-operative endeavors (Yajna). These are the joyous words of the lord who Himself declares; “The ‘Enjoyer’ and the ‘lord’ in all yajnas am I.”

973. Yajva: One who manifests as the performer of a Yagya.

“The one who performs Yajna according to the strict prescriptions laid down in Vedas” –the one who maintains in ll his divine actions the true Yajna spirit.

974. Yagyango: All the parts of His body as the incarnate Cosmic Boar are identified with the parts of a yagya.

“One whose limbs are the ‘things’ employed in Yajna.” In Harivamsa we told that ‘things’ are the very aspects of Lord Sree Narayana.

975. Yagya-vahanah: One who supports the Yagya which yield various fruits.

“One who fulfils Yajnas in complete and exact accord with the Vedic instructions.”

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