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Lord Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Part: 104

Posted by kathavarta on May 6, 2011

Pramanam prananilayah pranabhrut pranajivanah
Tatvam tatvavidekatma janma-mrutyu-jaratigah ..103

959. Pramanam: One who is self-certifying, as He is Pure Consciousness.

“He whose very form is the Vedas” –which are the only ‘proof’ for the Eternal Reality. Or, we may read it: He who is pure Infinite Consciousness (Prajnaanam) as we have it in the great Commandment, “Consciousness is the Infinite Reality.”

960. Prananilayah: The home or dissolving ground of the Pranas.

“He in whom all ‘praanas’ stand established.” He who is very substratum –vital foundation –for all ‘activities’ manifested in a living organism.

961. Pranabhrut: One who strengthens the Pranas as food (Anna).

“He who rules over all ‘Praanas’ –Sree Hari is the one who causes everyone to eat, digest, feel energized, act, achieve the fruits thereof, grow old and die. In all ‘activities,’ the great One-commanding, Factor-Divine, Sree Narayana, the self, presides in silent detachment, and by His Presence He initiates and maintains all these activities in all living creatures upon the earth’s surface.

962. Pranajivanah: He who keeps alive human beings with Vayus (airs) known as Prana, Apana etc.

“He who maintains the life-birth in all living creatures.” This interpretation is not a happy one as this meaning has just come in the preceding, endearing term. In love, of course, there is no rule that the lover should not repeat the same loving words to address his beloved. But, we can find yet a new depth of suggestion if we understand this term to mean “One who is the very life-giving divine-touch in every breath.”

963. Tatvam: Means Brahman, just as words like Amruta, Satya, Paramartha etc.

“the Reality” –that which is eternal, the essence. “That which one gains in subjective realization is the self,” Sree Narayana.

964. Tatvavid: One who knowns His own true nature.

“One who has realized fully the reality” –meaning the original essential nature of the self. On realizing the self, the individual become the self and, therefore, Sree Narayana, that very self, is One who has realized fully the Reality which is His Own Nature Divine.

965. Ekatma: One who is the sole being and the spirit (Atma) in all.

“The Advaita Reality” –Narayana is the One self, the Oversoul, Who expresses himself as the individualities of the infinite entities in the universe.

966. Janma-mrutyu-jaratigah: One who subsists without being subject to the six kinds of transformations – being born, existing, temporarily, growing, transforming, decaying and dying.

“One who knows no change or modifications in Himself.” Ever finite object in the world undergoes constant ‘change’ and each of them is extremely painful. They are birth, growth, decay, and the Eternal, the changeless Self, Sree Narayana, Ever- the-same Supreme. Geeta thunders the nature of the self to be “ever-birthless and never dying,” and once It has existed, Self never becomes non-existent.

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